Monthly Archives: March 2005

First Artest, now O'Neal

Jermaine O’Neal will join Ron Artest in the press box for the remainder of the year due to a shoulder injury.

Next Years All Star Game

Now that this years all star game is over who will be the starters next year?

The Real playoff picture

Hey peeple, this is my first story so go ez on me, since cartersucks just did a fantasy playoffs, ill do a real one

Jamaal Magloire a Raptor?

Recent news out of Toronto indicated Toronto Raptor Gm Rob Babcock could have easily made a deal that would have sent Jamaal Magloire to Toronto with a few salary cap fillers for Vince Carter. (Instead of pulling in the crap he did)

Marshall nets TWELVE 3-pointers!

One night after losing to the lowly Hawks, Donyell Marshall scored a career-high 38 points versus Philadelphia, including a NBA record-tying 12 three-pointers.

Raptor Report

Ok, I should have done this earlier, but I was busy, so here we go.

Coach thinks Jermaine's injury is serious

Jermaine O’Neal’s right shoulder injury may be worse than the Indiana Pacers originally thought, coach Rick Carlisle said Friday.

Raptor Report

Today’s Raptor report won’t all be basketball, I might touch up on some other topics, possibley a bit on all sports, and a little politics. I am gunning for the article writing lead… or at least third behind Shady and Wayne, my articles lead the comment lists… I know not saying much but what ever.

A letter fromThe Raptors GM

Now that the trade deadline has passed, I think it is important for all of you to understand the thinking behind the whole trade process and where we are as a team.

Gary Payton Back Tto Boston

Rumors sources for around the league are reporting that Boston will re-sign Payton after he clears wavers tomorrow.