Monthly Archives: April 2005

BTR's first annual NBA Playoff Pool

The first round matchups are determined. Make your picks before the playoffs start! Deadline is Saturday, April 23rd 3:00 pm

Las Vegas wants 2007 All-Star Game

NBA officials have visited sites that would be used for all-star weekend if the nation’s gambling capital is able to land the event in 2007.

Stern wants age limit of 20, Jermaine thinks it's racism

Indiana Pacers forward Jermaine O’Neal said he thinks racism might have something to do with the NBA’s desire to put an age limit in the next collective bargaining agreement.

Who is the ROY

With a lot of great candidates this year only 1 thing is certain.

NBA Playoff Pool

There will be a playoff pool for the NBA playoffs here at BTR. Read more for details…

Hill's season over again

Grant Hill’s comeback season is over, cut short by a sore left shin…

Celtics Walker out – Sixers Webber out

In the race for a playoff spot, the Philadelphia 76ers have lost some key members to that race and the Celtics could lose their division lead…