Monthly Archives: May 2005

Tim Duncan… what a guy

I was reading around on Sportsnet, and Tim Duncan has become the fifth player in National Basketball Association history to win eight straight first team all-stars, starting with his rookie season.

New Admin

Hey members of BTR, I’m the new admin for the site. I hope to attract more members, so we can eventually get this site as popular as HTR.

Why Nash is the NBA's MVP

I was watching Sportsnet the other night, and they had a very interesting subject. It was the possibility that Steve Nash was picked due to racism. They also brought up the point that all Canadian reporters voted for Nash. But all said and done, Steve Nash deserved the MVP award.

New BTR Admin

Hello all members of BTR. It is sunday morning, and I am up early. So I’ve decided to tell you all about the new admin. His name is Traitor. He is a bit of a jerk, but you’ll get used to him. I know him VERY well.

2nd round what will be good!!!

After all these first round series we now have the Heat vs. Wizards, Pistons vs. Pacers, Sonics vs. Spurs, and Suns vs. Mavs fighting it out to go on to the semifinals and hopefully two of them go to the NBA Finals. So here now are my picks on the teams who move on to the Semifinals and Finals and the strenghts and weaknesses.