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The Rumor Mill: Friday August 19th 2005

Sam Cassell Being Sam Cassell in LA

Allan Houston to be given every chance this season

Michael Finley: where will he go?

Doug Christie and DeSagana Diop: The Newst Mav’s

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On the decline of Latrell Sprewell

It seems that time is running out fast on the trade deadline, and in spite of all his grandstanding about being greater than the offer the ‘Wolves gave him, Latrell Sprewell remains unsigned. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that this is not the Latrell Sprewell of the past, he’s older and lacks the tenacity of his former self, but I don’t think that this is the only reason he is having a difficult time closing a contract (certainly, there are older and more awkward men in the NBA today who have no trouble finding spots).

My Quiet Plea to Rob Bab*****

Two days ago the Knick’s used the so called “Allen Houston Clause” to waive Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams basically making him a free agent once he clears waviers.

As a season ticketholder and fan I simply had to reply to this:

“I like Jerome Williams as a player,”Rob Bab***** Raptors General Manager said last night. “But you have to take a look at our roster and see what our needs are.”

The Rumor Mill: August 16th 2005

Gary Payton: The Next Target for the Suns

Othella Harrington: The Bulls planning on overpaying

Pistons have interest in Latrell Sprewell?

DeSagana Diop on the Knick’s Radar?

And More

Traitors Trash Talk: International Tournament, FL, and the Raptor Report Edition

Welcome to the first installment of Traitors Trash Talk. After this, I also hope to restart my old series “The Raptor Report”. But because there isn’t much raptor talk right now, it’ll just be part of this series.

The Rumor Mill: August 15th 2005

Allen Houston safe in NYC, JYD Sent Packing

Clock still ticking for Michael Finley

Chris Duhon: Staying a Bull

The mess in Atlanta goes on…

And More

In defense of Paul Pierce

In recent months there has been an unpleasant turn of events in Boston which must be addressed: the Pierce bashing has to stop– he is the best player the C’s got — he is the captain of this team, an all-star, and one of the best players to ever suit up in Celtic green.

Rumor Mill: August 12th 2005

Bulls to make a run at Brian Grant?

Belkin finally out of the Hawks way?

Jeff McInnis: Kidds new back-up?

Steven Hunter: Finally a 76er

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Rumor Mill: August 11th 2005

Nets Lose Interest in Brian Grant, Is he on his way back to Miami?

Tyronn Lue: The Lakers or the Hawks….

Troy Hudson to the Cavs?

Dale Davis all but a 76er?

And More

On the selection of administrators and the Boston Celtics

Hello and welcome,

My name is Jessper Johnathan Sebastian Colton and I was recently added to the administrative team here at BTR. I am new not only to the site but to the administrative process and would encourage any comments/ideas/criticism which the membership could address, so feel to send me any ideas one might have in the area of improving the site as a whole either by PM or by e-mailing me at