Monthly Archives: March 2006

Trail Blazers to move?

Word has it that the Trailblazers may be moving to a city near you! David Stern, commissioner of the NBA said that he is “not confident" that the Portland Trail Blazers will stay in the city.

Raptors sign Andre Barrett to 10 day contract

After being released on Tuesday by Phoenix, Toronto quickly signed Andre Barrett to a 10 day contract to cover the spot fill by Jose Calderon. Calderon is currently on the injured list with a foot injury.

Louis Vuittons NCAA March Madness Picks Pt. 3… Minneapolis Region

Here is Part 3 of my NCAA March Madness Picks. This is for the Minneapolis (MidWest) region.

Louis Vuitton's NCAA March Maddness Picks pt 2.. Atlanta Region

Here is Part 2 of my NCAA March Madness Picks. The following are my picks for round 1 of the Atlanta (south) region.

Amare Stoudemire out rest of season?

CBS sportsline is reporting that Amare Stoudemire’s injury, which was only supposed to keep him out of action until January, its looking like Amare is thinking about calling it quits for the rest of the season.

Louis Vuitton's Picks for March Madness Pt1. Washington Region

As the brackets for the NCAA March Madness tournament have been released, I will release my picks for each region. Today I am releasing part 1 of my picks for the Washington DC(East) Region.

The following are my picks for the first round:

Iverson out longer than expected?

Allen Iverson had an MRI on his injured right foot, that kept him out of Tuesday’s game against the Toronto Raptors, and looks like he will be questionable for the next 3 games at least. It may be believed that the injury to his foot is worse than originally expected so AI does not want to come back too early and reactivate this injury and cause him to miss more time, especially now towards the end of the season and as Philly makes their playoff push.

Tracy McGrady injured again

Tracy McGrady was injured again. He could be out 5-6 Weeks. Hopefully he won’t be out the long.

Could McGrady be traded for O'Neil

I heard a rumor earlier today that the Houston Rockets might be trading Tracy McGrady to the Miami Heat for Shaquille O’Neil.