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O'Neal Trade Talks Heat Up Again – Shoud the Raptors Trade him though?

The Toronto
Sun is reporting that the possibility still exists for O’Neal to be traded
however it may be in the Raptors best interest to keep him around in a backup
role. With that being said however the rumor that is mentioned in this article
is as follows.

Marbury to the Celtics or Heat?

The New York Post is reporting that Stephon Marbury has a
verbal commitment from the Boston Celtics to join their club however that is
being delayed by the Knicks because they apparently do not want him joining the
Celtics because the Knicks do not to see Marbury win a title with the Celtics.

Rumors, Rumors, Everywhere. is reporting a ton of trade speculation. Some of
the names that are mentioned include Mike Conley, Charlie Villanueva, Larry
Hughes, Ramon Sessions and others.

Pistons to deal Iverson?

The New York Post is reporting that the Pistons may be
trying to shop A.I. around the league.

Suns to deal Stoudemire?

CBS Sports is reporting that the Suns may opt to trade Stoudemire. The article notes that
it is clear that Stoudemire is not willing to meet Porter’s defensive demands
and as a result it is noted that he may be on the bubble come the February 19th
trade deadline.

More Shawn Marion Scenarios

The Miami Heat are looking at several Shawn Marion scenarios
as the Jermaine
O’Neal saga appears to be dragging on. One rumor is that the Heat are looking
at the possibility of dealing Marion
to the Mavericks for Josh Howard.

Bulls trying to move Hughes

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Bulls are looking
to move Larry Hughes.

Shaq to move the Nets to Newark? is reporting that Shaquille O’Neal has a strong
desire to get into ownership when he retired from the NBA and may be the guy to
move the Nets from Brooklyn to Newark.

Bulls and Nets close to a deal?

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the Bulls are
apparently close to making a trade with the Nets that would see Larry Hughes
swapped for Bobby Simmons.

Heat Shopping Shawn Marion

The Miami Herald is reporting that the Heat should trade
Shawn Marion soon.