Monthly Archives: February 2009

Cavs looking at Joe Smith is reporting that Joe Smith of the Thunder may
still be on option for the Cavs as they move toward the playoffs.

Clippers Waive Hart

the LA Clippers have waived goodbye to Jason Hart. Hart has only played in 28
games so far this season and it is noted that he was only obtained last July.

Marbury to join the Celtics today

The Boston Herald is reporting that it appears likely that Stephon
Marbury will join the Celtics today after clearing waivers.

Antonio McDyess likely to leave the Pistons

Mlive is reporting that Antonio McDyess could leave the
Pistons at the end of this season. While it is noted that Detroit does always remain an option the more
likely choice is that he will leave the team due to their poor play.

Boston To add Marbury is reporting that the Knicks have worked out a
buyout for Stephon Marbury and his 21 million dollar contract. It is reported that
once he clears waivers he will sign a pro rated contract with the Celtics for the
remainder of the season.

Magic interested in the Grizzlies Foyle

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the Magic may be
interesting in resigning Adonal Foyle is the Grizzlies decide to waive him.

Charlotte looking to move Nazr Mohammed

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that the Bobcats would
love to dump Nazr Mohammed and his 13 million dollar contract who has only played
in four games this season.

Lakers interested in Horry or Moore?

The LA Daily News is reporting that the Lakers may have
interest in Robert Horry or Mikki Moore. It is noted that the Lakers do have an open
roster sport at present to be able to pick up a player.

Thunder Trade Cancelled!

The trade between the Thunder and New Orleans was cancelled. The trade had Tyson Chandler going to the Thunder in exchange for Chris Wilcox, Joe Smith, and the rights to Devon Hardin. The trade was cancelled because Chandler failed his physical.

Cavs remain interested in players who may be bought out is reporting that this is the beginning of the
second transaction season as players who are released or bought out by their
teams become eligible to sign with another club and play in the playoffs as
long as the transactions are complete by March the first.