Monthly Archives: March 2009

Jason Kidd to the Cavs next year?

Real GM is reporting that the Cavs may be the choice for
soon to be unrestricted free agent Jason Kidd.

It will be hard for teams to lure James away

 It is reported that “I have
never had any thoughts of playing anywhere else or imagining playing anywhere

Thomas to take a job with the Clippers?

The New York Post is reporting that the Clippers have talked
to Isiah Thomas about a job in their organization. It is also noted that Thomas
will be in LA a lot next season because his daughter will be going to
university in that city.

Bleak outlook for the future of the NBA?

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the NBA is on the
road to ruin. It is reported that you should “enjoy the NBA as a sport. It may
soon be a destitute one.”

Possible Saturday return for Arenas

The Washington Post is reporting that Gilbert Arenas has
schedules Saturday as the day which is most likely for his return.

Iverson closer to a return

The Detroit News is reporting that Allen Iverson is closer
to a return and it is noted that during recent tests he has no lasting nerve or
structural damage to his back.

Stoudemire to now wear glasses is reporting that Amare Stoudemire is set to
wear protective glasses for the rest of his career to protect his eye. While he
has been around the team of late it should be noted that there is not an
imminent timeframe for his return.

Odom Back in Action

The LA times is reporting that “Lamar
Odom was back after a three-game absence, collecting 10 points, four
rebounds and four assists in the Lakers’ 105-100 victory Tuesday over the
Houston Rockets.”

Boozer to use his opt out clause to become a free agent? is reporting that Carlos Boozer may be one of the few players with an opt-out clause who actually would use it in this economy.

Sean May Unlikely to return to Charlotte next year

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Sean May is not
playing many minutes and that “It seems unlikely the Bobcats would make a $3.6
million qualifying offer to restrict his free agency” this summer.