Monthly Archives: March 2009

Curry would support a trade

The New York Post is reporting that Eddy Curry would support
a trade from the Knicks if it was in the best interest of the team.

Jamal Crawford to be moved or opt for free agency?

Mercury News is reporting that “Coach Don Nelson has told
guard Jamal Crawford that if he doesn’t opt out of his contract, the Warriors
will trade him this off-season.”

Bulls Chances to resigning Gordon Slim

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the chances of the
Bulls resigning Ben Gordon to a new contract is getting slimmer and slimmer.

Stoudemire done for the year, and playoffs too

The Arizona
republic is reporting that the “out-for-the-season diagnosis for forward Amaré Stoudemire initially left
a sliver of hope that the Suns star could return for the playoffs should they
qualify” is now officially an out for the season diagnosis.

Ellis Unhappy with the Warriors

The Contra Costa Times is reporting that Monta Ellis is
unhappy with the Warriors and “he won’t be joining the Warriors on this
four-game road trip, which continues tonight against the Detroit Pistons.”

Spurs Sign Gooden + Cavs sign Smith

"The San Antonio Spurs announced today that they signed forward/center Drew Gooden for the remainder of the season. Per team policy, terms of the deals were not disclosed."

In other news the Cavs have announced the signing of Joe Smith

Knicks to sign Demetris Nichols is reporting that the Knicks are about to sign Demetris
Nichols to a 10 day contract.

Raptors to sign Mensah-Bonsu

The Spurs have released Mensah-Bonsu and it is reported that
hew will sign with the Raptors as early as today.

Lakers looking at Smith or Gooden?

The Daily News is reporting that the Lakers will look into “signing an
experienced player such as Joe Smith or Drew Gooden to fill the vacant
15th spot on the roster for the stretch run and the playoffs.”

Heat interested in Head

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that the Heat are one of a
dozen teams that have inquired about the services of Luther Head.