Monthly Archives: April 2009

Pistons Speculation

The Detroit News provides some interesting speculation regarding Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton, noting that it is more likely that the Pistons will trade Prince rather than Hamilton.

Latest Kidd Speculation

According to the Dallas Morning News the Mavericks want Jason Kidd to return next season. It is well known that Kidd is set to become an unrestricted free agent and it was recently reported that ”Kidd "is probably not going to be with us next year."

Warriors to look at Andre Miller

There is a lot of talk flying around right now and the talk is reported
in the San Francisco Chronicle that the Warriors should try to sign
Andre Miller who is likely to leave the 76ers as a free agent this

Shaq to New Orleans?

Marc Stein of is reporting on the rumors that are flying
around the NBA that Shaq could be on his way to New Orleans come the
beginning of July. Although it is rumored that he may be on his way to
New Orleans it is also mentioned that he is dropping hints that he many
want to go to Dallas.

Triano Likely to Sign a new contract with Toronto

Today’s Globe and Mail is reporting that Jay Triano recently met with Colangelo yesterday and it is indicated heavily that Triano will sign a contract with the Raptors to return as head coach next season.

Colangelo is likely to offer Chris Bosh an extension

The Globe and Mail is reporting that Bryan Colangelo is likely to offer Chris Bosh a contract extension this summer. It is noted that Bosh has two years remaining on his present contract but has the option to opt out of his present deal after next season to become an unrestricted free agent.

Knicks interested in Spanish Point Guard Cabezas

The New York Daily News is reporting that Carlos Cabezas from Spain is considering an offer from the Knicks. This is especially important for the Knicks as they may have a huge hole to fill in the point guard position if Nate Robinson does not return next season.

The Latest Tyson Chandler Rumors is reporting that the Winds of Change are blowing in New Orleans and it is noted that Tyson Chandler is likely playing some of his last games for the Hornets s it is heavily speculated that he would be moved in order from keeping the Hornets from going over the tax threshold.

Shawn Marion Likely Leaving Toronto

The Toronto Sun is reporting that all signs are pointing to Shawn Marion not returning to the Raptors next season. As he left Toronto this year it is noted that he did not directly say that he would not return however he did say that this time he has to be selfish about himself.

Kobe and Jackson likely to return to the Lakers next season

The LA times is reporting that it is looking good for both Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson to return to the Lakers next season.