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Iverson practices with Sixers

Kate Fagan

Yesterday on the 76ers’ practice floor, a ring of media surrounded Allen Iverson.

As Iverson spoke, Lou Williams, in street clothes, walked out of the
gym at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine without

It was an odd moment considering that two weeks ago, the Sixers were Williams’ team and he was the one answering questions.

Rockets continue to offer Tracy McGrady

Adrian Wojnarowski

Houston: The Rockets continue to offer Tracy McGrady(notes) in a trade,
but that will be a difficult proposition considering he’s the
highest-paid player in the league ($23.2 million) and no one has seen
him play in nine months. Houston seems willing to take back a
longer-term contract for McGrady, but most executives believe his high
salary makes it hard to put together a package.

Chicago Bulls exploring trade of Tyrus Thomas


New York Knicks and others are in the mix

Tyrus Thomas’ fractured radius in his left forearm likely will delay
any conclusion to trade talks surrounding the fourth-year forward.

Phoenix Suns forward Amar'e Stoudemire says he'd pick a winner when co

BY Matt Gagne

There is a fine line between teams helping and hurting themselves, a
balancing act between planning for great things and sacrificing

Call it a case study of the Knicks and Nets.

Bosh to the Heat?

Not only will the Heat’s chances of signing Chris Bosh next summer be helped if the Raptors keep struggling, but a former Raptors official said Bosh doesn’t like Toronto’s cold winters. Bosh isn’t keen on playing in his native Texas but has said the Heat “seems to be an attractive place, playing with Dwyane Wade and playing in Miami.”

Stackhouse: Philly the one place where A.I. could do well


Jerry Stackhouse played a little more than one season with the 76ers as
a teammate of Allen Iverson. They were both too young, too frisky, too
determined to be "the man." And they didn’t have a point guard.

Source: 76ers awaiting Iverson's answer on offer

By Kate Fagan

OKLAHOMA CITY – Fittingly, the ball is in Allen Iverson’s hands.

Yesterday, according to a source close to the negotiations, the 76ers offered Iverson a non-guaranteed contract for this season.