No Kobe, No Party: Where do the LA Lakers go from here?


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The Los Angeles Lakers are in a spot of bother: Iconic shooting guard Kobe Bryant, who played for the Lakers for the entirety of his 20-year career, hung up his cleats at the end of the season and they now lack a genuine world class talent on their roster. Los Angeles have struggled to inspire confidence in recent years and will now need some of their younger starlets to step up and raise their game as they attempt to cope without Bryant.

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Lakers call Mark Cuban’s Kobe Bryant remarks ‘inappropriate’

The Lakers heard Mark Cuban’s comments about Kobe Bryant. They weren’t amused.

The Dallas Mavericks owner said in a radio interview Friday that the Lakers should consider using their one-time amnesty provision on Bryant this summer.

Bryant has one more season and $30.5 million left on his contract. He is one of four players the Lakers can waive via the money-saving device after this season.

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Kobe Bryant scores 40, Lakers hold off Blazers

The Lakers lined up alongside Kobe Bryant, or behind him, or something, when asked if they agreed with his optimistic belief they would make the playoffs.

They then backed it up with a gritty 111-107 victory Friday over the Portland Trail Blazers at Staples Center.

That’s two in a row for the Lakers, reason enough to throw a victory parade in a season to dismember.

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Kobe guarantees playoff spot

Kobe Bryant’s always so conservative with his views. So meek. Timid.

“It’s not a question of if we make the playoffs. We will,” Bryant told Sports Illustrated. “And when we get there, I have no fear of anyone — Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Denver … whoever. I have zero nervousness about that.”

He didn’t mention the Clippers, but that’s another story for another day.

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Trade Rumours: Dwight Howards Future

Will Dwight Howard be traded from the LA Lakers less than a
season after arriving out west from Orlando?
The star centre remains one of the most sought after players in the
league, and teams are eager to add a player with his talents to their
roster. LA has surprisingly fallen out
of playoff contention, and is in need of a change in order to have any chance
at turning the season around.
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Steve Nash Out Indefinitely With Fracture In Left Leg

The Los Angeles Lakers were hoping that point guard Steve Nash would be a
big part of the team moving forward, however, it looks like the star
could be out of action indefinitely. Unfortunately for the team, the
Lakers have announced that Nash will be out indefinitely with a
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