Wizards trade Jordan Crawford to Celtics for Leandro Barbosa

The Washington Wizards traded guard Jordan Crawford to the Boston Celtics for the expiring contract of Leandro Barbosa, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

With the emergence of first-round pick Bradley Beal as Washington’s starting shooting guard, Crawford’s role diminished and his desire was to be moved elsewhere.
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Winning NBA lottery infuses Wizards with optimism

It’s been nine years since the Washington Wizards last won the NBA draft
lottery, but it’s a little harder to pinpoint a time when the franchise
had so many options and so much opportunity and optimism. That’s what a
few favorable Ping-Pong balls will do for an organization that has been
downtrodden more often than not in the 32 years since last winning an
NBA championship.

The morning after landing the No. 1 overall pick, there were no worries
about drafting the next Kwame Brown, nor were there grand expectations
that the Wizards were going to be immediate playoff contenders next
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Maybe John Wall is a savior after all

I’ve been operating under the impression that John Wall is a nice
player, but not a special one, not a kid who makes you think your ship
has come in because you just won the NBA draft lottery. I thought that
winning the right to draft Kentucky’s Wall was like winning $500 in the
lottery, not the Super Duper Mega Lottery where you never have to work
again a day in your life.

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Wizards prove to be nothing but pushovers


Federal prosecutors had just released a devastating 61-page do*****ent
illustrating how the culture of permissiveness could crumble an NBA
franchise. Gilbert Arenas(notes) pushed to see how far the Washington
Wizards would let him go, and that turned out to be all the way to a
felony, all the way probably to jail.

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Josh Howard hopes to play again for Wizards

Wizards Insider

After leading the Washington Wizards to a shocking 10-point victory
over the Denver Nuggets nearly three weeks ago, Josh Howard reached
into his locker room stall and picked up an all-white Washington
Nationals baseball cap. Howard then explained how much he liked the
curly W logo and that he had bought a few hats in different colors long
before the Dallas Mavericks made him a District resident in a trade
deadline deal.

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Caron Butler should hear today if he's being traded

Caron Butler should learn today whether he’ll be changing NBA teams.

Butler, the Washington Wizards’ standout small forward from Racine, has been the subject of trade rumors for several weeks.

Friday, it was reported by several media outlets that the Wizards had
agreed to trade Butler, a two-time All-Star, to the Dallas Mavericks in
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Jamison headed to Miami. . .for Super Bowl

But should Wizards follow Memphis’ lead and move him to Cleveland?

Antawn Jamison wasn’t necessarily upset that the Wizards were unable to
get out of Orlando this weekend. Sure, he would’ve loved to make it
back to Washington and play the Atlanta Hawks at Verizon Center last
night. But since the game was postponed, Jamison had a much easier
commute to Miami, where he plans on watching the New Orleans Saints and
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