Impending free agents the Lakers could welcome

Their words are still hovering over Lakersland,
well-meaning advice for the offseason from two Hall of Fame members who
know a thing or two about building and maintain championship-caliber
teams in the NBA.
"It needs to build speed," retiring Lakers coach Phil Jackson said of
the team in his farewell address last week. "They need to have speed to
get easy baskets."
Days earlier, former Lakers guard Magic Johnson told viewers on ESPN,
"The Lakers have two problems. They’re too slow and no athletes." Continue reading “Impending free agents the Lakers could welcome” »

‘Friendly’ dinner for Bosh and Wade

Dwyane Wade has confirmed he had dinner with Chris Bosh during a
gathering in Los Angeles last week, but denies any notion he tried to
recruit CB4 to South Beach as the July 1 free-agent frenzy approaches.

“Some of my closest friends happen to be certain guys up in this
free-agent market,’’ Flash told reporters in Miami during a weekend
promotional event.

“We’ve been friends since we came into the NBA. We signed with the same
agent. So, we can’t eat together? No worries. Just friends eating
dinner.” Continue reading “‘Friendly’ dinner for Bosh and Wade” »

Rudy Gay's ready to answer the bell

Rudy Gay might not be a member of the proposed, star-studded free-agent
summit of 2010.

But he plans to be a heavyweight next season.

The Grizzlies’ soon-to-be restricted free agent forward has engaged in a
training regime earmarked for boxers since the regular season ended.
Gay, who is about to enter his fifth NBA season, has taken his offseason
workout to another level as he prepares for a USA Basketball training
camp next month and a possible maximum contract offer when free agency
begins July 1.

"I’m not fighting anyone," Gay said this weekend when reached by phone.
"I’m going through the training. There’s no more in-shape athlete than a
boxer." Continue reading “Rudy Gay's ready to answer the bell” »