LeBron James went to Miami for the warm weather to help him heal

Sources reported that this week, LeBron James went to Miami so the city’s warm weather can help him deal with his knee and back strains, and bookmaker software services believe that this just might be the best thing that the player can do right now.

Cavaliers coach David Blatt said that team doctors advised the player to not go to games because constantly sitting down on the bench wouldn’t help his back.

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Group plans rally Sunday to bring LeBron James to Portland

This time, it’s official. A group of Trail Blazers fans who want LeBron
James to sign with Portland will hold a rally Sunday outside the Rose

The rally was originally scheduled for Pioneer Courthouse Square until
organizer David Chitsazan discovered the group needed a permit. The
group has secured permission to gather on the sidewalk that surrounds
the Rose Garden and Memorial Coliseum.

"We will remain on that city block," Chitsazan said in an e-mail. "The
event was approved by City of Portland Special Events Coordinator
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The many facets of the LePlanathon

While Eeyore frets and Piglet hesitates and Rabbit calculates and Owl
pontificates, Pooh just is." — Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

The Knicks braintrust whittles away the anxious days until July 1 by
holding meetings to strategize their free agency plans, meetings to
strategize how to market the results and hosting pre-draft workouts for
second-round caliber players that have, so far, left no one excited
about making the No. 38 and 39 picks.

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Oakley to LeBron: Don't come to Knicks

If LeBron James turns to Charles Oakley for advice on where to play next
season, the Knicks could be out of the running.

Oakley slammed his former team in an interview with a Miami radio
station Friday.

"I can’t tell him to go to New York," Oakley said. "New York treated me

… When I go to the Knicks games, do you know that they have somebody
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Where will LeBron go? How about the Nets?

When Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov took over operating control
of the New Jersey Nets recently, he inherited a team hemorrhaging money.
The Nets lost $61 million last year alone, and Prokhorov absorbed a
debt of more than $180 million.

That’s the equivalent to a few cases of vodka for Prokhorov, the richest
man in Russia and the 39th wealthiest in the world, according to
Forbes’ most recent list.

Prokhorov knows little about the NBA, but a lot about business. LeBron
James likes business, too. Whether the two are a match won’t be
determined until next month. Despite being the league’s worst team last
season, the Nets have the cap space and are ready to pounce on James in
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NBA stands at LeBron’s beck and call

World Wide Wes has been telling everyone that he believes LeBron
James(notes) is leaning hard toward signing with the Chicago Bulls. No
one can be certain if basketball’s most famous middleman has been
whispering honest insights to friends or amping the anxiety of Cleveland
owner Dan Gilbert. Just know this: It wasn’t until Tom Thibodeau – who
swore he never again wanted an agent – signed with William Wesley’s CAA
that the Chicago Bulls grew serious about the coach’s candidacy.

Something pushed Bulls officials to get on a plane, fly to Los Angeles
on the eve of the NBA Finals and meet with the Boston Celtics assistant
coach. Within 48 hours, the Bulls had a deal for Thibodeau to become
their head coach. For several weeks, the Bulls had chances to interview
him. They never did. Just a year ago, Thibodeau couldn’t get offers from
the Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia Sixers and
Minnesota Timberwolves. The Celtics see him as a career assistant and
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LeBron may have say on next Cavs GM

Now LeBron James get to choose his next coach and general manager if he
so chooses to re-sign with the Cavaliers.

Danny Ferry is out as general manager of Cleveland and the club
installed his assistant, Chris Grant as interim general manager. It’s
unclear if Grant is permanent, with James’ free-agent choice the obvious

Ferry’s contract was expiring this month and he resigned stunningly
after a five-season tour did not net a title with James. On the surface,
it would seem James has more power than ever to shape his future.

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Agent: LeBron James is searching for a sidekick

The King is in the process of assembling his court.

In an unprecedented move, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson and
Dwyane Wade — all All-Stars and potential free agents as of July 1 —
plan to assemble and map out their futures, according to a story first
published by the Chicago Tribune.

Bill Duffy, the agent for Pistons forward Tayshuan Prince, likened it to
Batman searching for Robin with the ultimate goal being gaining an NBA
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LeBron could play role in Knicks' hunt for GM

LeBron James won’t handpick the Knicks next coach if he signs with them,
because Mike D’Antoni is going nowhere. Not even for Phil Jackson. But
James could have a say in a prominent late-summer general manager

According to two sources, Knicks team president Donnie Walsh plans to
start compiling a list of general manager candidates in late July/early
August after the free-agent frenzy is over. Continue reading “LeBron could play role in Knicks' hunt for GM” »