Will Kevin Durant join the Los Angeles Clippers at the end of the season?

Kevin Durant” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Keith Allison
Kevin Durant has been a key member of the Seattle SuperSonics/Oklahoma City Thunder since he was selected with the second overall pick of the 2007 NBA Draft. However, that could all change in the coming weeks and months. According to reports, the Los Angeles Clippers are attempting to negotiate a sign-and-trade transaction that would send Blake Griffin across to Oklahoma in exchange for Durant. The Clippers are one of the NBA’s most prestigious sides and, while the LA Lakers may be the first Los Angeles team to come into most people’s heads, their city rivals are certainly on the rise.

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Report: Kevin Garnett Told by Chris Paul That He Could Make Trade to Clippers Happen, But Garnett Said No

Everyone listen close now: This man bleeds green! While Kevin Garnett was emphatic in the days leading up to the NBA trade deadline that he did not want to play for anyone but Boston, that didn’t keep other teams from trying to make a move for him. That included the Clippers, who were among the prime trade partners, with Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan reportedly on the block in exchange for Garnett.

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Would Kevin Garnett put the Clippers over the top?

The tick tock will determine whether Kevin Garnett gets traded to the L.A. Clippers by Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. It’ll take the Clippers’ braintrust convincing Danny Ainge to pursue such a deal, and it’ll take someone — Ainge, Chris Paul, Vinny Del Negro, Blake Griffin, a Google Map readout showing the distance between Staples Center and Malibu — to convince KG to waive his no-trade clause.

But what determines whether such a trade would be worth it for the Clippers depends on how much the Ticket can improve L.A. within the next couple of years.

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Clippers plan to listen at trade deadline

Over the final two days of All-Star weekend, the Clippers found themselves in the headlines linked to trades that would send young players out for veteran frontcourt help.

Saturday, a report from Yahoo Sports had the Clippers in talks with Boston for All-Star Kevin Garnett, and Sunday, an ESPN report tied the Clippers to the Utah Jazz in a deal that would send out Eric Bledsoe as part of a package that would net Paul Millsap in return.

Millsap, who is averaging more than 15 points and 7 rebounds a game, is a free agent after this season.
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Geffen: I Can Deliver LeBron James

Billionaire entertainment mogul David Geffen has been trying for years
to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers, and despite his best efforts and
promises to raise the franchise to greatness, current owner and
selective renter Donald Sterling will not sell. Sterling, widely
regarded as one of the worst owners in professional sports history, has
recently shed his cheapskate image to little success, but Geffen is promising Clippers fans and Sterling the ultimate
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Source: Geffen eyes control of Clippers

Would LeBron James be willing to play for the Los Angeles Clippers if
Donald Sterling no longer owned the team? Billionaire entertainment
mogul David Geffen wants to find out.

A source close to the situation confirmed a New York Post report that
Geffen is interested in purchasing a majority share of the Clippers —
and that the long-shot attempt to convince Sterling to cede operating
control of the team is among the reasons James and close friend Maverick
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Star first, coach second

The Clippers are considering holding off on hiring a coach until after
July 1 to offer a superstar free agent a voice in the process, part of a
recruiting pitch to lure him to Los Angeles, NBA.com has learned.

The team is known to be preparing a bid for LeBron James, among others.

The Clippers are declining comment on the search for a replacement for
Mike Dunleavy, who resigned Feb. 4 to focus solely on front-office
duties and then was fired as GM. The team decided not to offer the
coaching job to Kim Hughes, who took over for Dunleavy and coached the
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West: No interest in Clippers job

Ken Berger

The first name that came to mind after the Clippers’ rude and
unceremonious news release came out Tuesday night announcing Mike
Dunleavy’s firing was none other than Jerry West. The Logo had been
long rumored to be a candidate to take over the Clippers’ woebegone
basketball operations if — and, as it turned out, when — they finally
"severed ties" with Dunleavy.

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Camby decision just got tougher

What to do with Marcus Camby?

The Clippers have maintained internally that Camby’s $9,150,000 million
expiring contract is the most attractive expiring contract in the
league because the 35-year-old is still so effective and because so
many contending teams — such as Dallas, San Antonio, Denver and
Portland — have either chased him hard in the past or want another big
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