Inside the Sixers: Ready to pull the trigger on a deal?

Kate Fagan – Inquirer Staff Writer

One year ago, the 76ers watched the trading deadline pass.

The reason was as simple as a foul shot: Sixers general manager Ed
Stefanski believed in his young nucleus. The belief made sense. His
team – the core of which was that young nucleus – was on its way to
making its second straight playoff appearance. The Sixers seemed to be
one of a handful of young NBA franchises with better days ahead, not in
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Real trade season coming

With the trade deadline less than three weeks away, talks are only starting to heat up.

It’s the NBA way, due in part to the fact that team executives are
looking to assess their current roster as long as possible before
making changes. It’s also because the 11th-hour approach is written
somewhere in the general manager’s unofficial handbook. Continue reading “Real trade season coming” »

Big Man In Nets House


And regarding free agents to be, the Nets of course are doing all their
homework regarding some of the guys who may be available prior to the
free agency period. Team president Rod Thorn foresees a very active
trading period – though not necessarily for the Nets.

"Because I think there are teams that would like to get under the
luxury tax. There are teams that would like to get under the salary cap
and because there are teams that aren’t very good that now see it,"
Thorn said. "There’s the ‘What are we going to do? We’ve got high
priced players let’s see if we can (get something) thinking."

As for the Nets, Thorn and GM Kiki Vandeweghe are making all the calls. Anything close?

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Suitors beware of Amar’e

Peter Vecsey

Peter Vecsey has been the Post’s NBA columnist since 1976. Inducted
into the New York City Basketball Hall of Fame, at Holcombe Rucker he
coached two championships in the early ’70s (Julius Erving, Charlie
Scott, Billy Paultz, Joe DePre, Ollie Taylor) and two more in the early
’80s (Louis Orr, Sam Worthen). A graduate of Archbishop Molloy High
School, Peter spent two years in the Army (1965-67) as a member of the
Airborne and Special Forces.

If it’s true the Cavaliers are interested in acquiring Amar’e
Stoudemire, e-mails Rasheed McCorvey, “they must have forgotten how
stifled he felt playing alongside Shaq.”

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Cavaliers haven't given up yet on pursuit of Philadelphia's Andre Iguo

Brian Windhorst, The Plain Dealer

Since the season started, the Cavaliers have been linked to a seemingly
endless string of names in the trade market, the below-the-surface
entity that dominates front offices these days and obsesses fans.

First there was Stephen Jackson, a player the Cavs tried and failed to
acquire from Golden State in November. Then it was Troy Murphy and
Antawn Jamison, two good-shooting big men who are still very much in
play but seem increasingly unlikely. It was followed by Amare
Stoudemire, where the teams had talked but the interest wasn’t true. Continue reading “Cavaliers haven't given up yet on pursuit of Philadelphia's Andre Iguo” »

What's Going On With Amare?

You can tell the end of a relationship is near when there are no more
denials, and the Phoenix Suns-Amare Stoudemire relationship has definitely
reached the truth-telling stage.

Suns general manager Steve Kerr doesn’t try to shoot down the rampant
trade rumors about Stoudemire, nor does Stoudemire sing a nostalgic
song about wanting to play his entire career in a Suns uniform. Continue reading “What's Going On With Amare?” »

Hot run halts Bosh pursuit

It was three weeks before Christmas, but there was a perception among
NBA general managers that Bryan Colangelo, the Raptors GM, was holding
a perpetual Boxing Day sale.

Colangelo’s squad was struggling, playing .350 ball after 20 games. His
all-star forward, Chris Bosh, a soon-to-be free agent of undecided
allegiance, was fresh from slouching through a 31-point loss in Atlanta
and proclaiming: "We’re just not a good team." And callers to
Colangelo’s phone were mostly of one description: Bargain hunters
looking to cart off Bosh at a discount. Continue reading “Hot run halts Bosh pursuit” »

Murphy the center of trade talk

Veteran big man is not a certainty to leave Indianapolis

By Mike Wells

The NBA’s Feb. 18 trade deadline is less than three weeks away and the
Indiana Pacers are actively working the phones trying to salvage a
disappointing season.

The player that most likely could be moved before the deadline is forward Troy Murphy.

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