Magic's Dwight Howard not 'automatic' to accept extension next su

Dwight Howard wants to stay in Orlando, but those closest to him say
that signing a contract extension this summer with the Magic isn’t a

Not "automatic" I’m told.

Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide told me he wouldn’t be surprised if Howard
waits to make a decision, largely because of the uncertainty of the
labor situation possibly affecting salary structures.

But there’s certainly more behind Howard’s thinking: Continue reading “Magic's Dwight Howard not 'automatic' to accept extension next su” »

Knicks 'will make an inquiry' regarding possible availability of Suns

The NBA trade-rumor mill has recently included Steve Nash’s name,
although that is viewed more as speculation than anything else.

Still, the Knicks are going to do their due diligence, just in case the
Suns are actually interested in moving the face of their franchise. Continue reading “Knicks 'will make an inquiry' regarding possible availability of Suns” »

Timberwolves: No way Rubio lands with Knicks

In a perfect world, Knicks brass long have envisioned flamboyant Spanish
point guard Ricky Rubio winding up in the city he wants to be in: New

But multiple sources within the Timberwolves organization guaranteed Rubio will start his career with the club, not as a Knick.

Minnesota brass is convinced that Rubio will play for the club next
season, when his Barcelona buyout falls to $1 million. NBA teams are
able to pay $500,000 for European buyouts, so Rubio would have to foot
only $500,000 of the bill. Continue reading “Timberwolves: No way Rubio lands with Knicks” »

Inside the Sixers: The time to deal Iguodala is now

If you watched Andre Iguodala in person, you’d see a very talented
player playing below his potential. Or if you walked into the locker
room after a game and saw a guy hunched over after yet another loss,
you’d be nearing the same conclusion: It’s time.

For proof, let’s read between the lines. Continue reading “Inside the Sixers: The time to deal Iguodala is now” »

Should Cavaliers go after Greg Oden? Hey, Mary!

Got a Cavs question? Send it in. Submit your question at, and Plain Dealer Cavs beat writer Mary Schmitt
Boyer will choose at least one to answer each Sunday here in the Sports
section. All of Mary’s answers are archived online.

Q: Hey, Mary: I recently heard that Greg Oden will be a free agent this
upcoming summer. It has been said that the Cavs can’t attract top free
agents. But with Oden growing up in Indiana and playing at Ohio State,
wouldn’t a Midwestern destination like Cleveland be appealing to him? He
has had injury problems. But with the success the Cavs had in their
patience with [Zydrunas Ilgauskas], do you think they might pursue him,
since a dominant big man is their glaring weakness? — Rich Smith,
Columbus Continue reading “Should Cavaliers go after Greg Oden? Hey, Mary!” »

Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis well on the way to elite status

Many laughed when Warriors guard Monta Ellis called himself the
second-best player in the league last year, behind Kobe Bryant and ahead
of LeBron James.

Certainly, such a ranking would still unanimously be considered too high
by objective basketball minds. But five games into this season, Ellis’
self-evaluation seems less delusional and more like extreme confidence.
The way he’s dominated, the way he’s led the Warriors (4-1) to their
best start in 16 years, Ellis’ being mentioned among the NBA elite isn’t
as laughable. Continue reading “Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis well on the way to elite status” »

Jack not hot on Heat rumours

To borrow one of those brainless quotes that often come out of an
athlete’s mouth these days, it is what it is, which is why Jarrett Jack
isn’t losing any sleep over it.

A rumour has made the rounds linking Jack with the Miami Heat, where
club president Pat Riley is said to be keen on bringing in more shooters
to spread the floor and provide better spacing for the team’s Big
Three. Continue reading “Jack not hot on Heat rumours” »

Are Pistons interested in trading for Hawks' Josh Smith or Clippers' C

The buzz Tuesday was that the Pistons could be interested in Hawks forward Josh Smith.

The thinking is since the Hawks just signed Joe Johnson (six years, $124
million) and Al Horford (five years, $60 million) to new deals, they
won’t be able to afford to keep the remaining three years and $37
million left on Smith’s deal. Continue reading “Are Pistons interested in trading for Hawks' Josh Smith or Clippers' C” »