Jackson could coach Knicks in 2012: source

Phil Jackson to the Knicks in 2012? Don’t rule it out.
According to an NBA source, Jackson is definitely through with the
Lakers, but would not rule out him coaching again in the NBA. "If the right situation presented itself, he would have to consider it," the league source said.
The Knicks could be the right situation in 2012, even if they are not
on the verge of adding a third star in Chris Paul to go along with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire.
In the past, Jackson, who won two championship rings as a Knicks
forward, has flirted with coming back to the Garden, talking up his
desire to follow in mentor Red Holzman’s footsteps
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Lakers swept away, begin transition

For a franchise that’s coming to grips with a season ending on
Mother’s Day, not closer to Father’s Day, with getting swept into the
dustpan instead of holding a broom, to losing with classless cheap shots
instead of winning with grace, you can add another foreign concept that
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Lakers swept into season of uncertainty

The Lakers‘ season ended amid a firestorm of "Beat L.A." chants and a complete undoing at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks in a surprisingly early phase of the NBA playoffs.

The Mavericks won Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals Sunday,
122-86, and it could only get worse for the Lakers in what will surely
be a long, agonizing off-season.

Their roster is aging. Their team looks slow. Their spending power is
hamstrung by salary-cap guidelines that might get tighter with 22 of 30
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High hopes for seeing more Shaquille O’Neal

Celtics management, as usual, knows better than to make any promises regarding Shaquille O’Neal.
The Big Question Mark played a limited, non-running role in yesterday’s practice, but your guess may be as good as that of Doc Rivers or Danny Ainge when it’s time to handicap O’Neal’s availability for Game 1 in Miami tomorrow.
The coach and the general manager both appear, at the very least, to
have more confidence that there will be a Shaq sighting at some point in
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Spurs’ ‘wonderful season’ leads to summer uncertainty

The old champion sat in the corner locker at the FedEx Forum late
Friday night, vanquished and spent. He performed his perfunctory media
obligations, answering in a low tone a few questions about one of the
most disappointing playoff ousters of his Hall of Fame career.

And then, Tim Duncan stood up, walked toward the door and into the most uncertain offseason of his life.
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