In defense of Paul Pierce

In recent months there has been an unpleasant turn of events in Boston which must be addressed: the Pierce bashing has to stop– he is the best player the C’s got — he is the captain of this team, an all-star, and one of the best players to ever suit up in Celtic green. One of the other great Celts, Antoine, just went south to Miami in pursuit of his first championship ring, and I myself am of the belief that at 28 years old he has a lot of game left in him, it was a mistake to let him go. With the departure of Walker and Gary Payton (who we should thank for helping get the C’s into the playoffs last year) the Celtics are in flux at the moment to state the obvious. Pierce bashers should ask themselves; if you were PP and saw all this player movement– don’t you think you would be concerned about what exactly is coming together?

I think that one of the surest ways to assess an NBA roster is to look at the three core players
that are the foundation of a team, because in general the coaching style as well as the remaining players in the paint will be selected and work in accordance with the foundation built upon by the central core of players.

In my opinion, the three core players of the C’s at the moment area and the C’s should not
trade these guys:

Paul Pierce
Ricky Davis
Al Jefferson

Jefferson has big shoes to fill with Antoine’s departure, so I am hoping Doc has him
starting at the 4 spot all season. I somehow believe that AJ has the talent and the
fight in him to be a great Celtic

The second set of new valuable players for the C’s are:

Delonte West
Ryan Gomes
Gerald Green (That’s right, GERALD GREEN)
Tony Allen

I think all four of these guys are poised to become great Celtic players we fans can be proud of for a long time to come.

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