Geffen: I Can Deliver LeBron James

Billionaire entertainment mogul David Geffen has been trying for years
to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers, and despite his best efforts and
promises to raise the franchise to greatness, current owner and
selective renter Donald Sterling will not sell. Sterling, widely
regarded as one of the worst owners in professional sports history, has
recently shed his cheapskate image to little success, but Geffen is promising Clippers fans and Sterling the ultimate
prize – LeBron James.
Geffen sat courtside at Game 2 of the NBA Finals with LeBron’s close friend and business manager Maverick Carter, and the King elected not to attend to avoid creating a distraction from the game itself. The 67-year old Geffen is already friends with the 25-year old James, so the possibility of him making due on his word is hardly a longshot. The problem is that Sterling refuses to sell the franchise – or at least the majority share – because he has long declared that it is “an asset of remarkable value.”

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