ESPN reports LeBron James will announce free-agency decision Thursday during tel

LeBron James has tightened his inner circle and stonewalled the teams recruiting him and the media stalking him during the week in which his free agency has raged.But whether he intends to or not, he seems to be sending out signals that something is changing, with a series of decisions being made leading up to the biggest decision of his career.

It all seems to be part of a controversial marketing strategy that has been rolled out over the past week.

It culminated, at least for the moment, on Tuesday when ESPN announced it had made a deal with James to air his free-agent choice during a prime-time special from an as-yet-undisclosed location starting at 9 p.m. Thursday.

But that is only a part of some moves James has made that suddenly seem to be coordinated to increase his already large profile. They also cry out that James is changing, though the extent is not yet clear. But there is no stopping in sight. "

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