My Quiet Plea to Rob Bab*****

Two days ago the Knick’s used the so called “Allen Houston Clause” to waive Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams basically making him a free agent once he clears waviers.

As a season ticketholder and fan I simply had to reply to this:

“I like Jerome Williams as a player,”Rob Bab***** Raptors General Manager said last night. “But you have to take a look at our roster and see what our needs are.”Mr. Bab*****,

I have not been a season ticketholder for a long time, although I can honestly say during my time as a season ticketholder I have never taken advantage of the first come first serve playoff ticket option.

I can say I have had the pleasure of watching guys like Chris Bosh get better and watched guys like Matt Bonner bring the crowds to its feet.

I have sat back and tried to justify why Hoffa was taken 8th, and why rather then risking pick 7 or 16 on a superstar you took the “safe” choice.

I understand that not all five starting spots can be filled with all stars, and that all stars do not want to come to Toronto

I have choked down the reasoning for why talent was passed on in the draft in favor of “Guys who wanted to be here” even though now it is clear that Ukic did not.

I have even sat back and accepted the fact that we will not be a good team till 2006-2007 at the earliest and I have even been able to stomach how one of the richest ownership groups in the NBA wants to “rebuild”

I tried to look at the deal that sent the most exciting player to grace the ACC to New Jersey from many angles and as much as it pains me accepted that it may have been the best deal for the future,

And even now I have justified to myself that I am going to spend nearly $12,000 to get seasons to a team that will not win 20 games.

I am one of the FEW fans in this city that did not call for you to get fired after every move that you have made and or lack there of.

I have even resided to the fact that the fans in Toronto have settled for Matt Bonner as our cult hero when he brought us to our feet once, where Vince, Damon, Oak, JYD, and others have done it time and time again during the season.

I can accept that next season the most I can look forward to is a very talented but bland Chris Bosh hitting a two handed slam, and Jalen Rose working hard to make the fans wake up.

I could have accepted this till yesterday,

The Toronto Raptors are our team, we pay the fans pay the salaies, and your salary I might add and we decide if we will come or not. Many of us have accepted the fact that you want to rebuild your way.

But I as one solitary Raptors fan must make a stand, As much as your choices may have been the best for the “Future” they are painful to watch now, and to know Chris Bosh is becoming a star gives me no joy knowing that with this team as it is he will not stay.

You owe the fans something,

and we are not asking you to go over the cap or sign some guy to a crazy contract or even bring in Jamel Maglore,

I simply ask that you sign Jerome Williams to a contract, a one year contact I don’t care.

I just want to remember what it looks like to see a guy who wants to be here, not guys like Lammond Murray and Eric Williams counting the seconds till their time in Toronto is done.

I want a guy to cheer and get me excited, I want a guy who plays his heart out game in and game out

And that is a small price to pay for the happiness of the fans.

I don’t care that he does not fit your plan,

make him fit, because he fits more then Lammond Murray, or Eric Williams,

So Mr. Bab***** as much as I have a feeling you will give us all your smug I know better then you response to the fans demands for JYD and pass up on him and if he does retire not even offer him a place in his HOME,

I can say this, if Jerome Williams will not be brought home and welcomed home to a city that loves him and city he loves because you feel that Ron Mercer or Matt Bonner may be better fits for your “plan”

Then I am done, no screaming, no yelling, I am simply done.

If you do not want to work with the fans to give us a product we want then to hell with you.

This is not a long term commitment its one or two years and if you by your own admission have said that we will not be all that great next season, then what does it matter if the 12 man is not in “your plan”

I really can truly say, I have been a Raptors fan and a Bab***** Justifier, and I understand your hands have been tied in the past because of the cap but this is one move you CAN make, and you its your CHOICE.

I have no intention of renewing my seasons if managment has no link or loyalty to the fans

Take that as you will


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