On the decline of Latrell Sprewell

It seems that time is running out fast on the trade deadline, and in spite of all his grandstanding about being greater than the offer the ‘Wolves gave him, Latrell Sprewell remains unsigned. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that this is not the Latrell Sprewell of the past, he’s older and lacks the tenacity of his former self, but I don’t think that this is the only reason he is having a difficult time closing a contract (certainly, there are older and more awkward men in the NBA today who have no trouble finding spots). Sprewell’s biggest problems are his insignificant posturing, tough guy attitude, his big mouth, and this nasty habit of biting the hand that feeds him (and his family). Now, the NBA is full of players who suffer from the same ailments previously described, but the ones who can back it up will always have a place. If you want to talk about being worth more than your contract while making a pile of money for the owners, many of them would be willing to talk. Sprewell’s star is in a state of rapid decline, and it’s hard to see why any team would offer him more than $7 a season.

So where will Sprewell land next season? Well, looking at some of the teams in need of a shooting guard, he will have the chance to play for a contender. With teams like Miami, San Antonio, Denver, & Detroit looking for help in the shooting guard or small forward position it would be surprising if at least one of these teams didn’t give Spree strong consideration.

But the day of the ‘bad boy’ is over, as we are coming to a point that the market is being flooded with exponentially more perspective players than there are teams, and if you can’t follow the rules and be appreciative of it, the owners can (and gladly will) find somebody who can.

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