Chris Bosh admits 'playing with people's emotions' before signing

While New York and the rest of the NBA world were anticipating his
decision, Chris Bosh dealt with the attention by "playing with people’s

"If you think about how many times somebody asks you, ‘How are you,’ that’s how many times I was asked, ‘Where you going?" said Bosh, who was in Manhattan Wednesday to unveil his Got Milk! advertisement. "So it’s like, well, in my case, I’m going to have fun with it. I’m going to play with people’s emotions. I’m going to be high and low."

The admission – long suspected of the Heat triumvirate (Bosh, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade) – would help explain the varying reports about Bosh’s destination during the long free agency process. Several had him going to Chicago and Cleveland, and former Nets president Rod Thorn said he felt his team was in the running the evening before Bosh and Wade announced their intentions together on ESPN.

Turns out, Bosh was sending out mixed messages for kicks – tweeting every step of the way.

"I wouldn’t call it a game because it’s serious, but, I mean, it’s entertainment at the end of the day. It’s the truth," Bosh said. "We’re entertaining and everything but at the same time I’m just getting my feelings out there.

"It’s entertaining to see people react to your real emotions because if it wasn’t fun I wouldn’t do it."

Despite this pleasure, Bosh said he seriously considered joining the Knicks because, ironically, "I took a meeting and I wouldn’t waste anybody’s time."

He also said he would have been able to cope with the pressure of New York, which Bosh compared to playing in Antarctica.

"I could handle playing anywhere," he said. "We’re talking about basketball. I could play basketball anywhere. If they said the NBA has a team in Antarctica, it would be like, ‘Well, I’m in Antarctica but it’s going to be alright.’ That’s how much I love basketball. I could play anywhere."

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