Should Rose been bought out ? Should Bab***** been fired ? How would Jose Calderon, Joey Graham, Charlie V play there first season in the NBA.

This offseason the Raptors let go of Lamond Murray and Donyell Marshall go but got Jose Calderon, Joey Graham, Charlie V in return and maybe Jay Willams. The Raptors got no big household names but how could they no money under the cap.

Sam Mitchell is a great coach but is he the man to fix this car wreck,yes he can but he needs a better GM to make the raptors go to another level. Rob Bab***** has 1 more year if Richard Peddie is a true smart man if Bab***** faulters again this season.

The biggest lost in the offseason are Donyell Marshall going to the cavs which was i key in the raptors last season including career high 12 3 pointers against the 76ers and also losing point guard Ukic to the Spanish league. The gains are picking up Jose Calderon, Joey Graham, Charlie V and CB4 heading into his 3 season. Everybody on the team mostly Jalen Rose which needs to step it up like in his years with the pacers. Jalen said last year he will be playing in the allstar but didnt deliver this year he needs to with the money hes making. If all these things happen youll see the Raptors playing in the playoffs but who knows ?

Give Rafeal Araujo a chance he was in alot of pressure in put in to a bad situation but dont do what you did to Araujo to Charlie V, both have alot of potential

I predict the Raptors will finsh 10 to 13 in the east but if there lucky watched them get a run to the playoffs

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