Parker's anxiety a Spurs advantage

Tony Parker might be right. Maybe this will be the “last real chance” for him to win a title with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

But the finality of Parker’s statement this week says something else. If
Parker thinks this is it, then Parker likely thinks this is it for him,

Which could help the Spurs this season.

Parker is among the few Spurs not in San Antonio already, but that’s not a sign of anything. He usually comes into town just before training camp starts and, besides, he put in his time this summer.

He’s been traveling to various functions with his wife, and he’s often been in Los Angeles. But he worked out in L.A. with devotion, usually with a Spurs assistant, and some in management think it’s been among the most productive offseasons of his career. Not getting hurt with his French national team standing nearby was an additional plus.

This should be clear: He’s not Carmelo Anthony, another entering the final season of his contract. Parker wants to be here this season, and he wants to win.

And if Parker resumes his All-Star status while the Spurs win? There might be the same franchise urgency to find a contractual compromise as there was with Ginobili late last season.

Ginobili, too, went into the season on the last year of his contract. Ginobili, too, didn’t know if he would be back. The Spurs say everything is as fluid with Parker and that an extension is possible.

But everything else is also possible. If the Spurs don’t begin their season well, they will look to deal their most tradeable asset. And, when the season is over, they could lose Parker to free agency, no matter how well he plays.

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