Eastern Conference Standings Prediction

The NBA Season does not start in a month and a half but the off-season is pretty much over unless you count Sprewell as a premier free-agent target.

Here are my Standings Prediction of the eastern Conference based on off-season transactions.

1) Heat

The Heat got rid of Eddie Jone’s ridiculous contract and turned it into James Posey (good defender and scorer,) Jason Williams (not long ago known as White-Chocolate) a play maker, and brought in Antoine Walker who can give them a 3-pt threat. They came very close to the Finals if Dwayne wade had just gotten some help, well now help has arrived in the form of better role players.

2) Cavaliers

The Cavs probably had the best off-season as they brought in Donyell Marshall, Larry Hughes, Damon Jones, and were even able to keep Big Z. LeBron and the new Cavs will be this years Phoenix Suns.

3) Pacers

The Pacers quietly signed sharp shooter Sarunas Jasikevicius who dropped bombs after bombs of 3-pointers against the US national team at the olympics. He’s no Reggie but this guy can shoot. They also drafted Danny Granger, if he stays healthy this guy could be a steal. And most importantly they will get back the 2004 Defensive Player of the Year, Ron “Arrest” Artest.

4) Nets

I would have placed the Nets at number 3 or perhaps 2 if they had only signed Shareef Abdur-Rahim. What the he^& were they thinkin letting him go? The guy is one of the most underrated player. There was a reason the Nets had Coach Lawrence Frank camping at his door-steps at the start of the Free Agent signing period…all of a sudden they run away from him after agreeing to a 6-yr deal because they said he failed his physical. Can you say buyers remorse? To make things worse, they go ahead and sign Marc Jackson. He isn’t the run and gun big man the Nets needed. The Nets did bring in shooters like padgett, murray, and jeff mccinnis also they had a great draft pick in antoine wright. If the trio of Kidd, Vince, and RJ stays healthy wassshhh out for Jersey.

5) Pistons

Pistons signed Dale Davis and Maurice Evans, great pickups but that’s not that much compared to what the 4 teams listed above did during the off-season. Plus they lose Larry Brown, the greatest Coach ever…watch for Carmelo to make the East All-Star Team..wait nevermind

6) 6ers

Webber will step up and won’t be a $20 million dollar headache. Iverson puts up big numbers again, and watch for Kyle Korver get Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher.

7) Bulls

I had to put the Bulls here because the Bulls made the playoffs last year and they kept their roster together. Eddy Curry will definately resign as no other team out there wants a piece of him. Ben Gordon should be in the starting line-up and it would be sweet if they get Jay Williams back

8) Knicks

My surprise pick will be the Knicks. They just need to play defense. Marbury needs to listen to Larry brown and pass first and play defense. It just killed me last year to see Stephon and Jamal Crawford both in the same floor. Nate Robinson…remember the name he will be the Knicks point guard for years to come. The Knicks finally got a true Center in jerome James and If Houston retires Isiah will look like a scholar. Also don’t forget should the Knicks not make the playoffs again, the savior Frederic Weis will arrive…(^_^)

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