Role player might be Pistons' best bet in draft

The lack of star power in next month’s NBA draft doesn’t have many
people excited about the Pistons’ chances to select an impact player.
are some fans who would love for the Pistons to tank seasons in an
effort to get the next Tim Duncan or Shaquille O’Neal, believing the
star system is the only way to win in today’s NBA.
While many
feel it would be easy to obtain a superstar, a team can’t just sit
around and wait until Kevin Durant or Derrick Rose falls into its lap.
Many times, it’s pure chance.
Unless Kyrie Irving or Derrick
Williams are on the board when the Pistons are up, they’ll be selecting
from a depleted talent field. College kids choosing to stay in school,
due to the likelihood of a lockout, has made the seventh pick (the
likely Pistons pick) less attractive than in previous years.

It doesn’t mean the Pistons can’t find impact players who can contribute immediately and have an effect on this team, though. They’ll just have to possess attributes that aren’t as "sexy" as others, including some the Pistons plan on building around. So
far, the players most believe will be around for the future can put
numbers on the board. Austin Daye is blossoming and can be the starting
small forward on opening night. Another year of adding strength to his
slim frame should prepare him for the rigors of an 82-game season. Ben
Gordon, despite his struggles, hasn’t lost his talent. You’d be
hard-pressed to find people around the league who think he won’t return
to normalcy in a stable atmosphere. Ditto for Charlie Villanueva. That
said, Daye and Gordon give the Pistons numbers. They score and can
shoot the ball exceptionally well. So barring an offseason overhaul,
another scorer who needs the ball to be effective won’t be high on
management’s priority list. The Pistons have talent, but it was
uneven and there wasn’t much anyone could do to rectify that. Now, they
have to find players who do the little things.

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