Report: Sixers, Clippers talk Kaman-Iguodala trade

After rumors surfaced on Tuesday of a possible trade that would send Andre Iguodala to the Golden State Warriors for shooting guard Monta Ellis, yet another trade rumor surfaced Wednesday. is reporting that the Sixers discussed a potential trade with the Los Angeles Clippers to get Chris Kaman in exchange for Iguodala.

Kaman was an All-Star in 2010. The 6-foot-11 center has averaged 12 points and eight rebounds for his career.

The Sixers aren’t hiding the fact they are on the market for a big man.
The team could end up drafting a big in the upcoming draft.

However, with DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin in the fold, the Clippers
have an excess of quality post players to use in any potential trade.

The deal would free up a starting spot for Evan Turner, who the Sixers took with the second overall pick last year.

According to the report, trade negotiations are only in the preliminary
stages, but the trade makes sense for both sides as the two teams would
deal from positions of strength.

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