Suns to trade or not trade Steve Nash

Suns President Rick Welts wanted to make one thing clear: He’d talk
about the nature of the Phoenix sports market and its fans, but not in
reference to a possible trade of point guard Steve Nash.

"That’s ridiculous," he said.

From a basketball standpoint, that can be argued. Nash is 37. The Suns no longer are a championship contender. Why not trade him while he still has significant value and begin the rebuilding process?

From a business perspective, however, there is no debate. Trading Nash would be disastrous.

This isn’t Green Bay, Pittsburgh or Boston. Irrelevance here is a death sentence.

"Phoenix can be a tough market," Welts said.

For evidence, the Suns need only look at their immediate neighbor to the east. The Diamondbacks are playing their best baseball in years, fighting for first place in the National League West and fans are responding – by not going out to Chase Field.

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