Wizards' key draft question: time to part with McGee

It was the perfect storm at the NBA Draft Lottery, a low pressure system
just powerful enough to sweep the Wizards into the swirl of speculation
as one of the teams most often mentioned among those who would look to
wheel and deal ahead of NBA Draft on June 23.

By falling to the sixth overall pick, there’s just enough room for the Wizards to be worried that whoever they deem as their guy at that spot won’t be there. Add to that scenario the Minnesota Timberwolves sitting at No. 2, a spot where the second guy in a two-player draft is likely to be Derrick Williams, who would fit with nearly every team in the league except for one where Kevin Love and Michael Beasley already reside, and the cir*****stantial evidence starts to pile up quickly. Center Enes “I want to play with John Wall” Kanter is also all but guaranteed to be there at No. 2, which adds to the intrigue.

From there, buzz has grown in recent weeks, starting first with a tweet from Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress.com, then again in his latest mock draft for Yahoo!, but also via ESPN.com’s Chad Ford, who made multiple references to Minnesota, Washington and JaVale McGee in an online chat. None of this comes as a surprise, but it is helpful reinforcement of what we already know about the Wizards as they prepare for the draft on June 23: McGee is Washington’s best and only tradable asset this offseason.

This has been the case from the moment the trade deadline passed in February. Yes, if Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld can convince someone to take Gilbert Arenas off his hands – even if it was even more of a favor by Orlando general manager Otis Smith – he surely can find a taker for Andray Blatche’s bloated deal or Rashard Lewis’ cringe-inducing salary (and it appears they’re trying), right?


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