Phoenix Suns could go big in Thursday's NBA draft

When it comes to the Suns’ draft situation for Thursday night, it is easier to address what won’t happen:

– They won’t end the night without a draft choice.

– They won’t trade Vince Carter’s contract, opting instead to buy him out for $4 million in the coming days.

– They probably won’t use one of their trade exceptions to take on extra
payroll, which could compromise flexibility expected in 2012.

– They surely are not pushing to trade center Marcin Gortat to Minnesota, a rumor that got so out of hand that Gortat received a call to assure him it was not happening.

There is a strong possibility that the Suns will keep their No. 13 overall pick and choose from a group of decent power forwards expected to be there.

There are other position possibilities, but the Suns need front-line help, and the available crop could include long-armed defensive dynamo Bismack Biyombo of Congo, Kansas tough guy Markieff Morris, developing Texas 20-year-old Tristan Thompson and Morehead State rebounding fiend Kenneth Faried.

The Suns also could consider a guard. They might decide to continue the seven-year search for a point guard Steve Nash successor if BYU’s Jimmer Fredette (if he gets past Utah at No. 12) or Connecticut’s Kemba Walker are available. Or they could go for a potential scorer at shooting guard such as Washington State’s Klay Thompson or Colorado’s Alec Burks, who is working out in Phoenix on Monday. The Suns are wondering if he could be a combo guard at 6 feet 6.

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