NBA Lockout: Don’t panic, they are posturing

I am tweeting from afar on today’s lack of progress in NBA labor
negotiations, and I am not the least bit surprised that everyone is
emerging from the meeting in New York spewing doom and gloom.

That is what always happens when the owners’ and players’ full
bargaining committees get together. It is a total dog-and-pony show, and
anyone who expected the sides to emerge today with a sense of optimism
was fooling themselves.

This dispute will get settled when there are a lot fewer people in the room. David Stern and Billy Hunter can reach a suitable middle ground by meeting by themselves for a couple hours, which was what happened back in 1999 when that lockout was settled.

Why would the owners want to budge now, just two days before the Board of Governors meets in Dallas? That meeting will serve to inform all the owners how strong their negotiating position is or isn’t, and they’ll emerge with a plan for moving toward a settlement now that they know what additional concessions the players are willing to make.

September 13 is not, and was never going to be, a movement day for the owners.

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