Chris Bosh says Miami Heat season, 'More lows than highs'

Whenever the Miami Heat come together after the NBA lockout, power forward Chris Bosh said Wednesday they still must come together as a team.

Reflecting on both the work stoppage and his team being stopped two victories shy of a championship by the Dallas Mavericks in last season’s NBA Finals, Bosh found himself in an introspective mode during an appearance on ESPN Radio’s "Mike & Mike in the Morning."

"It was highs and lows; it was more lows than highs," he said of the
2010-11 season, the Heat’s first with the collaboration with Bosh,
LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. "It was tough, because most of the time
when we won, it was just a relief. It wasn’t really just like, ‘Oh my
God, I can’t believe we did it.’ It’s like, ‘Whew, OK, that’s over. Now
we’ve got Round 2.’ It was a learning experience."

Bosh said part of the equation might have been expecting too much too soon.,0,6459501.story

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