Dirk Nowitzki laughs at scenario of him being traded to the Lakers

It’s strange to imagine the season when Dirk Nowitzki no longer wears
a Mavericks jersey, the only uniform he has donned during his 15 NBA
But what is even more bizarre is the possibility of seeing Nowitzki
wearing another team’s colors. It only seems right that the face of the
Dallas franchise finishes his professional career with the team he led
to its only league title.
A Wednesday column in the Los Angeles Daily News suggests otherwise.
According to the piece written by Vincent Bonsignore,
Nowitzki was asked Wednesday about the possibility of joining his good
friend Steve Nash as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.
“I mean honestly, I’d never allow myself to even think about something like that,” Nowitzki said, laughing.
When reminded how Nash said the same thing about playing for the
Lakers last summer, Nowitzki responded: “It’s funny how business works.”
Bonsignore suggests a Nowitzki for Dwight Howard trade. Howard, who
is a free agent at the end of the season, is someone the Mavericks are
certainly interested in, however, probably not in exchange for Nowitzki.http://mavsblog.dallasnews.com/2013/01/dirk-nowitzki-laughs-at-scenario-of-him-being-traded-to-the-lakers.html/

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