Trade Rumours: Dwight Howards Future

Will Dwight Howard be traded from the LA Lakers less than a
season after arriving out west from Orlando?
The star centre remains one of the most sought after players in the
league, and teams are eager to add a player with his talents to their
roster. LA has surprisingly fallen out
of playoff contention, and is in need of a change in order to have any chance
at turning the season around.
In a funny twist though with all of the talent on the Lakers team this year some columnists such as Jonathan Irwine of the Bleacher Report in his article NBA Trade Rumors: Top News for Big Men on the Block believes that the Lakers “will hold on to their prized center.” It is thought that they may want to build around him if and when Kobe retires. It will be interesting to see what shakes out with all of the Rumors in L.A. over the next several weeks.

NBA teams and fans aren’t the only ones curious about the
trade rumours. Sports bettors and
bookmakers have listed odds on the trade possibilities at many online casinos
and sportsbetting sites. One site
listing trade rumour details is,
where insiders and gambling enthusiasts can review some of the possible deals
regarding Dwight Howard. Could one of
these predictions prove accurate?

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