Chances top trade targets get moved

What are the chances Pau Gasol gets traded before the deadline?

J.A. Adande, Zero percent. Why would anyone want a guy who’ll cost $19 million next season when he can’t play for you this season? Anyway, the Lakers can’t afford to ship him out until they get Dwight Howard to sign on the line which is dotted.

Chris Broussard, ESPN The Magazine: Two percent. I didn’t think the
Lakers were going to trade him before Pau’s foot injury, but now the
chances are incredibly slim. The only potential trade seems to be to
Toronto, but the Lakers have thus far shown no interest in the Raptors’
Andrea Bargnani, who would be the centerpiece of Toronto’s package.

Ford, Two percent. Given his injury status, I think Gasol’s
value is almost nil. The teams that were considering Gasol were all
hoping he could give them a serious playoff push. Now that he’s out the
next six to eight weeks, I don’t see it.

Marc Stein,
Five percent. Probably should have gone even lower. And it wouldn’t be
any higher even if Pau was healthy right now. The Lakers know they can’t
go through any more adjustment periods. So they can’t make a big move
and then try to work in a couple of new guys when they’re already facing
so many issues. All they can do is persist with what they have, try to
make the best of the rest of the schedule and then figure out their next
big moves when this circus of a season is over.

Brian Windhorst, 15 percent. There’s no doubt a market for Gasol exists, but
there are two issues: 1) He’s hurt and may not be able to contribute
this regular season. 2) The Lakers will have significant demands — this
will not be a fire sale. I’d say it’s much more likely Gasol gets moved
in the summer if Dwight Howard re-signs.

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