Louis Vuitton's NCAA March Maddness Picks pt 2.. Atlanta Region

Here is Part 2 of my NCAA March Madness Picks. The following are my picks for round 1 of the Atlanta (south) region.No. 1 Duke Blue Devils Vs. No. 16 Southern Jaguars

Pick: Duke
The top team in this tournament with two of the top players in this tournamet in Redick and Williams, look for Duke to make a run all the way to the finals if they can play a smart game.

No. 2 Texas Longhorns Vs. No. 15 Pennsylvania Quakers
Pick: Texas
Texas has one of the most balanced starting 5 in this tournament. Look for them to take advantage of this weaker Penn team. But dont look for Texas to go all the way in this tournament, their lack of depth will put a strain on their starting 5 and will hurt them the further into the tournament they get.

No. 3 Iowa Hawkeyes Vs. No. 14 Northwestern St. Demons
Pick: Northwestern
With a balanced scoring and a hard nosed aggressive defence, look for Northwestern to steal the show from Iowa and pull an upset.

No. 4 LSU Tigers Vs. No. 13 Iona Gaels
Pick: LSU
With the uptempo style of play that LSU enjoys to play, look for the LSU tigers to beat the young and inexperienced Iona Gaels. Iona is not consistent enough to make a big run for this tourney and LSU is looking to take advantage of that.

No. 5 Syracuse Orange Vs. No. 12 Texas A&M Aggies
Pick: Texas A&M
Although both teams play similar stlyes of ball in the backcourt, look for Texas A&M’s strong frontcourt play to prove the advantage over Syracuse.

No. 6 West Virginia Mountaineers Vs. No. 11 Southern Illinois Salukis
Pick: West Virginia
WV has one of the best offensive styles that any team has in this tourney. They can free up players in no time giving them many open men to shoot the 3, and they can shoot. Look for WV to be too hard to stop on the offense for SIS.

No. 7 California Golden Bears Vs. No. 10 NC State Wolfpack
Pick: California
Although this is looked to be a close and entertaining game, NC State’s lack of size is going to be their weakness, which should give Cali the slight advantage, which should help them into the next round.

No. 8 George Washington Colonials Vs. No. 9 UNC-Wilmington Seahawks

Pick: George Washington
George Washington is such a balanced team. From scoring to rebounding, they have it all. And with the trouble rebounding that UNC-Wil. has, GW will look to take full advantage of them on both the offensive and defensive boards.

So these are my picks for the South. Look for parts 3 & 4 later tonight for my picks of the final two regions.

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