Louis Vuittons NCAA March Madness Picks Pt. 3… Minneapolis Region

Here is Part 3 of my NCAA March Madness Picks. This is for the Minneapolis (MidWest) region. No. 1 Villanova Wildcats Vs. No. 16 Monmouth Hawks
Pick: Villanova
Just like the rest of the #1’s in this tourney, Villanova is just too strong in all aspects compared to Monmouth. Look for Villanova to take this game easily.

No. 2 Ohio St. Buckeyes Vs. No. 15 Davidson Wildcats
Pick: Ohio St.
Both teams play similar styles of play in their own frontcourt but Ohio St. has the definate edge in their commanding back court play. Look for that to be the deciding factor in a Ohio St. victory.

No. 3 Florida Gators Vs. No. 14 South Alabama Jaguars
Pick: Florida
Florida is a very good athletic and strong team. They have the skill to crush their opponents as they averaged a 15 point margin over their oppenents when they beat them. South Alabama is not a strong or athletic team without any major standout players.

No. 4 Boston College Eagles Vs. No. 13 Pacific Tigers
Pick: Boston College
Boston College is a strong veteran team that knows what to do when the pressure is on. The lack of depth will hurth the Tigers as they cant rely on much other than their starting 5, and even then, only Maraker is their only sure bet.

No. 5 Nevada Wolfpack Vs. No. 12 Montana Grizzlies
Pick: Montana
Montana has one of the strongest defensive games in this region but they can also fool many by being able to score in transition as well. Look at this to be their advantage in a win over Nevada.

No. 6 Oklahoma Sooners Vs. No. 11 UW-Milwaukee Panthers
Pick: Oklahoma
Look for this to be one of the best games of the first round. Both teams play very similar types of basketball with no clear cut edge for either team. But with having a great coach behind the Oklahoma bench, he has set his players ready for sucess. Look for Oklahoma to take this close game.

No. 7 Georgetown Hoyas Vs. No. 10 Northern Iowa Panthers
Pick: Georgetown
Both these teams have seen better days but both are teams with similar styles. The only difference in this, is the backcourt play of Georgetown. They play a great backcourt game, which should give them the edge over a very similar Northern Iowa team.

No. 8 Arizona Wildcats Vs. No. 9 Wisconsin Badgers
Pick: Wisconsin
Wisconsin is a tough and confident team. They had some struggles midway through the season but that didnt phase them. Look for their confidence to be a big factor over the "we love shooting the 3 ball but can barely hit one" Arizona team.

So there you have it, those are my picks for the Midwest. Look for my last installment of the West region next!

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