Rash of Knee injuries hurts teams

As the middle of the month of March nears it appears that there are a rash of injuries that are effecting many teams around the NBA. Some of the teams that are effected at this present moment include the New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers .

The New York Daily News is reporting that although Carmelo Anthony was back to playing ball on Monday night it is not known what the actual problem with his knee is. It is also reported that it is not known how long he will be back playing for as his knee problems which include swelling, stiffness and fluid building up in the knee could come back at any time.
Speaking of knee problems, Andrew Bynum of the Philadelphia 76ers is having his own set of problems with his knees. USA Today notes that he is at present looking into arthroscopic surgery and it is also noted that because he does not want to play in pain he may not be able to return to the 76ers lineup this season.

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