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The NBA rumors are swirling today as it is rumored that teams are trying their best to land disgruntled Kyle Irving.  Yesterday, the Miami Heat denied that they had made a trade offer to the Cavaliers, however, it is mentioned that as many as six teams have made inquired on Irving since his trade request.

One of the six teams, The New York Knicks, is said to also be interested in Irving. ESPN reports that “The Knicks told teams that they would not include Kristaps Porzingis in a trade for Irving, per ESPN sources. They would be open to dealing Carmelo Anthony and at least one future first-round pick for Irving.

In order to make up for the loss of Irving, the Cavs have signed former MVP, Derrick Rose to a one year 2.1 million dollar deal. This represents a huge pay cut as last year Rose made 21.3 million with New York.

Speaking of money you should take a few minutes to check out this Sports betting forum . It is known that the NBA is also looking to find new ways to make money, is it is just reported that the Detroit Pistons have become the tenth NBA team to add a sponsor to their Jersey. Although I believe that the partnerships are a way for the players and league to make additional money it just does not feel right to me. There are already enough ads at the games, on jerseys, commercials, internet. The jersey is supposed to be about the game, not additional revenues.

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