Louis Vuitton's NBA Playoffs Picks – Rd. 1

So its playoff time again, which means playoff polls are happening and everyone is getting ready for playoff action. So with that in mind, here are my picks for round 1 of the NBA playoffs.Western Conference
San Antonio vs. Sacramento:
This should be a fun series to watch but San Antonio is too strong on both front and back court play. For Sacramento to have any chance in this series, Bonzi Wells and Mike Bibby will have to come up big for the Kings.
Pick: San Antonio

Phoenix vs. L.A. Lakers:
This should make quite the series. It will tell one of two things, 1: if Kobe Bryant can be the big leader and lead the Lakers himself to the next round, or 2: Silence the critics of Phoenix that they truely are as good as they’ve played over the season. Phoenix is just too good of a team that LA cant keep up with. With a strong front court game, Phoenix should take this in 6. Home court advantage for the Suns will definately help them.
Pick: Phoenix

L.A. Clippers vs. Denver:
This is a pretty even series when you look at it. LAC has a young team that wants nothing more than to win, while Denver has the same but with some good veteran leadership in Martin and Camby but look for the rawness in LAC to overcome anything Denver brings.
Pick: L.A. Clippers

Dallas vs. Memphis:
Dirk vs. Pao… Well as both teams are so strong in opposite ends of the court, Dallas with a strong front court and Memphis with a strong back court, look for Dallas to over power this strong Memphis team. With a few key injured players for Dallas coming back, Dallas has a strong starting five and proven strong bench behind them that will be their advantage over a strong Memphis team.
Pick: Dallas

Eastern Conference
Detroit vs. Milwaukee:
Detroit has been argued all season as being one of, if not the top team in the NBA this season. Look for them to be way too good and strong for a smaller Milwaukee team.
Pick: Detroit

Miami vs. Chicago:
The Heat were made to be a playoff contending team, so when their series starts, their game should be at a level higher than what it was during the regular season. With that said, look for the heat to take the series over a much younger and inexperienced Chicago team.
Pick: Miami

New Jersey vs. Indiana:
This is quite an even matchup when you look at the stats. The Nets boast one of the most explosive trio in Carter, Kidd & Richardson, but the Pacers have begun to gel as of late into a contending team that could lead them to the title in the east. Look for this to be my upset of the first round.
Pick: Indiana

Cleveland vs. Washington:
This will be a hard and physical series by two teams who have worked hard to be where they are. The Cavs led by King James will be the front runners to win this series by most, but look for the physical play and strong back court of Washington to barely prevail this series and make it to then next round.
Pick: Washington

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