Bucks to leave Milwaukee

Jsonline is reporting that the Bucks may be willing to move
out of Milwaukee
because of the lack of a new arena.

"The NBA has a propensity to move teams," Bradley Center
board Chairman Ulice Payne told me this week. "What does that mean for us?
From the Bucks’ perspective, it’s probably not a clear path for them, either.
But we look at it from a building perspective that eventually our building will
be replaced. It’s not our business to make the decision on how it’s resolved,
but it is our business to tell the public about what’s happening here.

"Don’t count on us to save the Milwaukee Bucks. There’s an unspoken
thing that somehow the building is great and the Bucks are going to be here
forever. And I hope that they are. But I know, too, that you can’t count on the
Bradley Center saving the Milwaukee Bucks."

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