The Latest Tyson Chandler Rumors is reporting that the Winds of Change are blowing in New Orleans and it is noted that Tyson Chandler is likely playing some of his last games for the Hornets s it is heavily speculated that he would be moved in order from keeping the Hornets from going over the tax threshold.It is noted that the Hornets tried very hard to trade him back in February and they thought that they head a deal as they did move him for Chris Wilcox and Joe Smith however that deal was rescinded as he failed the team physical.

It is directly reported that “Yet rumors persist, especially on the Internet, about potential maneuvers. Ten days ago, the Dallas Mavericks reported in a blog that Mavs owner Mark Cuban might be willing to take the Hornets’ two worst contracts if they included Paul in the deal. Coach Byron Scott said he cracked up after reading the report and responded by saying that hell has to freeze over before they consider trading Paul.
A few days later, another Internet report stated the Hornets would be interested in trading West if they could not draw enough interest for Chandler. West, who makes a shade under $9 million a season, is a two-time All-Star and has a more cap friendly salary to entice other teams. “

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