Warriors to look at Andre Miller

There is a lot of talk flying around right now and the talk is reported
in the San Francisco Chronicle that the Warriors should try to sign
Andre Miller who is likely to leave the 76ers as a free agent this

In the article it is mentioned that” As one critic mentioned in cyberspace, "Why would anyone want to come and play for Nelson right now?" Perhaps a veteran, such as Miller, could see the bigger picture and recall the exciting, high-energy Warriors in better times. After running a Philadelphia team that doesn’t have much future, he could see the beauty in working with Ellis, Anthony Randolph and Andris Biedrins in a very up-tempo mood. Then again, Miller could ponder the fate of Jamal Crawford, who joined the Warriors in a swirl of optimism and became a veritable dead man walking.
To afford Miller, the Warriors would have to cut through a salary-cap mess forged by the unwieldy contracts of Crawford, Stephen Jackson and Corey Maggette. Which raises another question: If they choose the draft to land a point guard, would he be mentally strong enough to survive the inevitable first-year torment under Nelson?

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