Latest Kidd Speculation

According to the Dallas Morning News the Mavericks want Jason Kidd to return next season. It is well known that Kidd is set to become an unrestricted free agent and it was recently reported that ”Kidd "is probably not going to be with us next year."

Although it was downplayed by team executives that Kidd will not be with the team next year it is noted that what was meant is that the Mavs need to win now.

It is reported that “The Mavericks can pay Kidd more than virtually all other NBA teams this summer. The teams that could compete for him financially are not championship quality.
Said Nelson: "We have every intention of having him back with the Mavericks."
Which makes sense. The Mavericks gave up a young, All-Star point guard in Devin Harris, plus two first-round draft picks in last year’s trade for Kidd.
To let him walk after a year and a half with only a trip to the second round of the playoffs to show for it (so far) would make the trade look bad for the Mavericks. And they already have taken a hit in the court of public opinion for doing it. “

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