We Need More Buttons

Wwe need more topic buttons. Here are my ideas.

All-Star Game – That would be a good one. We need a button for discushion on the NBA all-star game. I would rather have a button on the all-star game, then a button called “coach” which can easily be substituted for the team the coach is working for or the team he has been fired by or the team that it is rumored he will sign on with. The All-star game is one of the biggest games all year after all.

Skydude – I want my own button for this kind of rant, which will become regular. I am fourth in posts, and if this gets posted, then I will move up for a tie for third. They do that on HTR and Wow hockey.

Basketball Pools – We should have some sim league pools. That would be great. And we should have a button for it. Is there one on wow basketball?

So what do you think? What ideas do you have?

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