Suns interested in Chandler? is reporting that the Suns may have interest in Tyson Chandler

In the article it is reported that “

If Tyson Chandler was on the market in February, wouldn’t he be on it again now and wouldn’t the Suns have an interest given the type of pick-and-roll defenders they want in that role? He was Bill Cartwright’s rising rookie in Chicago. The hang-ups with Chandler for the Suns would be his toe that caused the February deal with Oklahoma City to be rescinded, taking a player with two contract years remaining ($11.85M this season and $12.75 player option for next season) and making a deal that New Orleans would want. The Hornets were looking to cut payroll last time but would adding Shaquille O’Neal in his former college state add intrigue? New Orleans may not need it with season ticket renewals reportedly already at 80 percent, a great number considering its market, the recession and the team’s first-round exit. Trade talk in general will fire up more around July 1 because of base-year compensation in contracts.”

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