Peter Vecsey of the New York Post reports that

With that in mind, contrary to a Yahoo! report, the Nets have had no conversation with the Cavaliers since mid-February regarding Vince Carter for anybody, much less Sasha Pavlovic and Ben Wallace, who talked about retiring but is not about to forfeit $14M.

Zero!Would Ratner love to be save $33M, which is what Carter is owed over the next two seasons? No doubt. But only if the Nets got to keep his 20-point average, sprinkled with plenty of 30s and a few 40s. Or could get a cheaper clone who, don’t forget, also must donate five assists and five rebounds per outing.

Aren’t many of those featured creatures roaming around the NBA tundra . . . at least who can be had. Carter probably can be had — that’s why the Cavs, Spurs and Blazers all thought seriously or talked deliriously about getting him just prior to last February’s trade deadline — but not for rotten bananas.

Want Carter? Gotta give to get! And at this moment, the Nets are engaged in no substantive trade talks.


The Blazers’ mental pursuit of Carter, Gerald Wallace and another small forward in their breed, whose name escapes me, was about taking pressure off Brandon Roy to carry the team offensively in the playoffs. They decided against tampering with chemistry.


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